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Weavers Community Forum (WCF) is a grass root led charity organisation based in the Weavers ward of London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The Forum was set up in 2010 to tackle poverty, deprivation and the isolation being experienced by a marginalised part of the community. The Forum has long standing reputation within the community in terms of service provision – addressing the social, cultural, welfare and economic needs of the Community in Weavers and beyond. The Forum actively promotes equal opportunities for all.

WCF constantly empowers local residents by providing and seeking ways to enhance and advance their skills, training, knowledge, and work experience.


Our staff and volunteers have developed projects that would improve health and wellbeing as well as employability skills of local people and wider stakeholders. We have focused on reorganising our projects and services, so they remain effective despite austerity pressures.

Our priority is to work with some of the most disadvantaged youth through our Youth and Employment project, making a difference to their quality of life. I urge our partners, friends, and funders to engage with us so we can work collaboratively and innovatively to help young people. I am thankful for having an excellent team to support the developments of Weavers Community Forum.

Vision: “To empower the local community with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to thrive now and in the future”.


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Aims and Objectives:

       To be open, transparent, and inclusive so that it is representative of the community and the community has a genuine sense of ownership.

       Develop a series of community initiatives based on community needs, survey, and consultation.

       Develop partnerships with existing community and voluntary organisations in Weavers and beyond to ensure joint working and avoidance of duplication of services.

       Empower volunteers and employees to ensure sustainability of community engagement and services.


      Provide skill building training, advice to local unemployed residents to meet their needs and to work closely with local employers encouraging them to create opportunities for local community. 

       Provide extra tuition to the school aged children and to help parents to meet children’s education needs.   

       Organise training and workshop on employment training, parenting, homework support, health, education, citizenship and other rights related issues.       

       Provide recreational facilities to local children, youth, and elderly and to work towards community cohesion in this area.        

    Deliver women empowerment projects including skill-based courses with a view to increasing the employability of local women from ethnic minority Community. 

       Act as a strong advocate with other agencies / the public services in order to alleviate poverty, ease cultural and language barriers, and to improve the living standard of the families living in Tower Hamlets and the surrounding London Borough’s. This includes working in partnership with statutory, health and other agencies to bring their services in the area.


Core Values:

WCF is committed to a set of values that underpins our strategic and operational activities and the way we deliver our services to our communities and service users.


v Integrity and trust

v Open and accountable

v Readiness to adapt to changes and make a difference

v Commitment to equality

v Community cohesion

v Empowerment of disadvantaged groups