Here are some of our projects, currently being conducted by the Weavers Community Forum:

Be Active in the Community Youth Project

* Football training every Saturday

* Regular Youth activities & Trips during School holidays,

* Occasional badminton sessions.

This project is organised to allow young people to participate in various sports and recreational activities. Be Active allows young people of various backgrounds to engage with one another in indoor and outdoor sports as well as promoting healthy lifestyles. We also take the young people on trips to places of interest. This helps to strengthen community cohesion by breaking down barriers. It also allows us to prevent young people from extremism & anti-social behaviour by instilling a sense of unity along with universal morals and values.  Be Active develops skills such as confidence, punctuality, organisational skills and team work. The work we do with young people helps to create a better community and a more promising future.

Resilient (Luncheon Club for 50+

* Healthy living / eating,  * Light exercise,  * Workshops

Feedback from a Club member:

“Luncheon Club is a mean for me to come out of my house; it enables me to interact with others, I look forward to it every week”

Tea Circle for local residents

*Residents gets the chance to interacts with each others, *share ideas,  *network & Socialise, *Discuss local issues.

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